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About Us

Tale of the Tavern

Legends of The Tipsy Bard span back centuries and often contradict one another. Some speak of a drunken mage whose soul possessed the mundane pub upon his death. Others say the tavern was built atop a fallen star or carved from wood of an ancient tree. Whatever you choose to believe, this much is true... there is magic in this place; wild, mischievous magic.

The Tipsy Bard once stood in the heart of The Heartland, a world not unlike our own except for all of the magic and armor and Giants and Dragons and... okay, so it's not really that much like our world after all. Point is, it was a world full of people, just like you and me. From wandering minstrels to tough-as-nails adventurers, these people (just like you and me) sought solace at the end of a hard day and wanted nothing more than to kick up their feet, have a drink, and let go of their troubles for a bit. 


If the story is to be believed (and why wouldn't it be?), one day The Tipsy Bard up and vanished; leaving behind nothing more than a pint glass and puff of smoke. You see, whatever the source of its magic, whether it be fallen stars or ancient oaks, The Tipsy Bard was able to transport itself across time and space to wherever it was needed most. Well, apparently, Kansas City is in desperate need of some magic because The Tipsy Bard popped up here and seems to want to stay put.

Don't forget, when it left it's home world, it brought all of it's occupants with it. That's right, a whole taproom full of interesting characters have made it to our wor
ld and I bet they could use some friends. Rumor has it they have decided to throw a bunch of events at the tavern to remind them of home. Events like Epic D&D, Grand Tournaments, Royal Revelries, and more!


At the moment, the tavern is teleporting itself all over the metro area, possibly searching for a new permanent home (although I think it's just showing off). So, if you hear about it appearing in your neck-of-the-woods, don't be alarmed, it merely wants to invite you in for a bit of fun, friendship, and fantasy!

The Troupe

The staff of The Tipsy Bard have had a hard time adjusting to things like t-shirts, wi-fi, and Captain Crunch, so we've stepped in to help them out with the business.

The Crew

Like any good crew, we've got a sprawling network of allies; specialists that are worth their weight in gold, each of whom we could not do this without.

Let’s Work Together

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you'd like to team up!

What I bring to the table:

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